Two new shows coming up!


PEACE Productions, the American Theater Workshop and the American Theater Group are producing two shows this spring and the Playwrights for both shows are flying in from New York for their respective Opening Nights.

Opening night for NOTHING SERIOUS by Rich Orloff​ is April 22nd.

Opening night for DUCK by Jonathan Alexandratos​ is June 7th.

Both shows directed by Mike Mecek​

PEACE Productions is working with ARTUS,  University of Strasbourg, TAGORA,  Jr. high schools, High Schools,  and the local community creating speaking engagements for both Playwrights.

Cast & crew members of NOTHING SERIOUS:  Natacha Willhalm​, Eleni-mixaela Sfetsiori​, Valeria Alvarez​, Caroline Waylay​, Rose Harvey​, Justine De Grégoire​,   Eloïse Tréand, Baptiste Giroult, Etienne Jeannot (Sal-Ly Tien-Sushi Jeaninot Biscotte-Kitsch​, Louise Huriet​,

Cast and crew members for DUCK:  Eleni-mixaela Sfetsiori, Rose Harvey, Pavle Dragas​, Claire Schneider​, Luther Lafayette Weathers III​, Julia Lefranque, Alexis Gontan​,  Maxime Ecoiffier​ Ecoiffier & Pelin Iscan (Pé Linne​).

A big thank you to Augustin Hiebel of for his creative genius on the artwork.