Casting call!

The PEACE Productions Agency and the American Theatre Group (ATG) would like to announce a CASTING CALL!

To receive audition text & schedule audition time Contact Mr. Michael Mecek: Email: or Phone: 07 82 43 95 50.

Who Are We?

The American Theater Group (ATG) grew out of the desire to promote American culture through theater in Strasbourg. PEACE is an acronym for Promoting Education, Arts, Culture & Entertainment. It is the objective of PEACE Productions to support future theater works by the ATG and to work with all people interested in promoting peace through education, arts, culture and entertainment.

What’s the Play?

The show we’re producing this year is called DUCK by Jonathan Alexandratos.


This play is a post-modern, comedy-drama with an emphasis in movement and dancing. Teenage Duck Carl Ducklette and his father Dr. Ducklette are two ducks living in a town populated by sheep. As Carl attempts to blend in, others who live in Sheep’s Meadow lead him in a journey to discover his true identity.

How the audition works?

These auditions are open to the community. Anyone resembling high school age students and parents of high school students are welcome to attend. No prepared monologues are necessary. There will be monologue and dialogue based scenes from the script provided for you to look over and read for us one at a time. Also, you will be required to fill out one of our audition forms. We hope to see you there!

Where and when is the audition?

This event will be held at:

College International de l’esplanade
20 rue de Londres, 67000
Monday, February 8th @ 18:30 pm


CARL: A teenage duck. Carl lives alone with his father, Doctor Duckett. He doesn’t have any friends, doesn’t have a mother, and goes to school full of sheep. He wants to fit in. He makes handcrafted sheep masks and wears them when no one is looking. He has a deep love for Star Wars and often carries around his Star Wars action figures to play with. Like a lot of teenagers, he’s not quite sure who he is or what kind of person he wants to be.

DOCTOR DUCKETT: Carl’s Father, a duck. A happily divorced, award-winning plastic surgeon. He’s a local celebrity in Sheep’s Meadow. He’s a perfectionist and an authoritarian. The sheep revere his talent and consider him to be an important mouthpiece for the norms of society. He’s ashamed of his son, Carl. They don’t exactly see eye to eye on the values in life. What he says, goes. He hates art, imperfection, and anything criticizing the establishment.

ART: A black sheep. He is a new student at school and lives with his grandmother. The white sheep don’t like him because his a black sheep. Art owns who he is and knows how to defend himself. Experiencing discrimination has built a bond between him and Carl. He also loves Star Wars.

LAMCHOP: A cloaked figure. An artist who creates paintings of ducks and sheep. Her work is being shows at the local art museum in Sheep’s Meadow. Her paintings are considered too controversial to be shown, depicted as being too “anti-sheep”. Her exhibit is at risk of being torn down by local protestors. The actor playing Lamchop also plays Black Sheep 2.

ACTOR 1: Plays Sheep 1, Sheep 3 and Lone White Sheep.

ACTOR 2: Plays Sheep 2, Sheep 4, and Black Sheep 1.

The white sheep love the establishment, the mainstream, and chain restaurants. They have no true opinion of their own. They’re most comfortable with blending in with the societal norms. Their lack of education, empathy, and exposure to diversity leads to violence, anger, and protest towards anything that differs from their way of life.

PDF file with all details, click here: DUCK Auditions